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was interviewed in 20 lech, after an unnamed foreign government alerted it to possible extremist ties. we will talk about that wh peter doocy in washington. peter? >> reporter: jamie, they let him go, the fbi let him go two years ago because they didn't find anything to back up claims by a foreign government that this aspiring boxer had extremist ties. so the fbi closed the case. this all happened in the beginning of 2011, a little more than two years ago. the fbi loo through u.s. government databases for derogatory phone calls or online omotion of any activity. his travel history and education. the fbi was looking because an unnamed foreign government said they were having suspicions tamerian tsarnaev might have extremist ties. but the fbi found nothing. so they closed the case. then they apparently told this unnamed foreign government about the lackf extremist information that came in -- came up in their search. and they told this government that if they had any more concerns about thisan, tamerian tsarnaev, suspect number 1 or the man in the black hat, they should call bak, tell the fb
the government spends less on them. terrific. but the founders of the schools did not follow the rules. so last month the oakland school board said it would vote on whether to close the school. parents and students bags and not to. >> please don't close down our school. it has enabled me to receive goals i never thought possible. >> reopen. >> i love this school so much. ever since i came i have learned even more than my friends and other open public schools. how can i? my people want to close my new school? john: so they testified. the oakland school board voted to close the schools. >> you guys are going to lose the students because we're not going to -- you can have maybe 10 percent of these kids getting into decent schools and a plant. the rest of us will get down to a decrepit schools. >> my son has been through your system, the rear school gobblers schools. i have been through them. they're not quality. my son doe with bullying and with teachers that the only recommendation they had was that he could not learn in that learning disabilities. he could tell students committees focused. disci
. they want it all to go to the feds so the government can expand and nanny state can be more powerful. president obama is among those people. so he is being slightly hypocritical with the 18% rate. americans well understand the tax situation is out of control. they are thinking up new taxes all the time. they will do almost anything to get our money. in maryland, they interested in new attack on rain -- that is right -- rain. if it falls on your property, you have to pay money to the state. that is called a storm water management fee. it may cost maryland taxpayers $300 million every year. how does the state how much water runoff you have on your property? it's going to be monitor you using satellite technology. that sounds like the twilight zone? it is. next up, they will be taxing the internet. monica crowley, taxing the rain, are you right with that? >> we don't have enough money from the federal government because federal rates are lower since the '50s. states depend on it and make it up in order to pay what they have to pay. >> bill: you are okay with taxing the rain? >> i'm okay
to go out to get fresh air because the government lifted the ban. and we got sent back into the house. all of a sudden authorities came down the street. and in a malter of 15 seconds we can hear gunfire. >> you heard what sounded like explosions. describe that to me. >> explosions seemed to me like gunfire. they could have been small. i'm not sure, there was so much it is hard to say. >> you had been holed up in the house all day? is that right? >> yes. 24 hours but seemed like three days. a long time. >> did they search your home? >> no. but there were state troopers going up and down there. >> and after they took the suspect into custody tell me what the reaction was like in your neighborhood? >> well, happy. you can hear authorities clapping their hands. and my brother texted me and let me know it's okay. i couldn't see anything. i couldn't see the boat. and -- really exciting. just, yeah. >> i know and a great sense of relief and excitement and these veets around us were almost empty. i flew in owe local airport. it was about the holiday. the drive just 10 minutes by the time we g
a similar label from the al-qaeda and taliban captions committee that same year. the russian government asked the fbi to investigate the older brother because he was "a follower of radical islam and a strong believer and had changed drastically since 2010 as he prepared to leave the united states to join what the are you shawns called an unspecified underground group. the fbi said it found no evidence of terrorist activity. that revealation according to a member of the house intelligence committee is causing unease at the bureau. >> at this point i think there is a great deal we don't know about it. clearly we were given a request to look into his background prior to the trip. there are a lot of palpitations. what if anything did they miss and that will be heavily scrutinized. >> this is the first we have had identified and significant that it is one that has these islamic ties, judge. >> judge jeanine: you wrote a book about americans being recruited by the terrorists. were you surprised by any of this? >> we are early in the investigation and one of the things i outlined in "the next
/11 was a government plot to make americans hate muslims. but she says the girls were nice and she thought that -- what is his name? the one in custody? >> tucker: dzhokhar. >> alisyn: dzhokhar was nice. but tamerlan was not nice. she met him twice and thought he was nastier. but the younger boy, who everybody thinks was the follower, this is the older son, tamerlan she did not like him. he said, "i don't any american friends. i don't understand them." the younger boy that people think is a follower, she thought was nice and kind. >> tucker: talked about the extremism and radical underpinnings of the family. you could tell that the mom was influenced by the older son, the 26-year-old. talk about the 9/11 conspiracy. she says this. this is what alyssa says in her opinion piece for she writes this shouldn't surprised me because she was increasingly religious in college. and she mentioned allah and lesson of the quran. she was telling me that 9/11 was created by the american government to make america hate muslims. it's real, she said michigan son knows all about it and you can read it on the
, the u.s. citizen, is in custody. how should he be treated by the u.s. government? a lot of lawmakers are saying, while he should get a fair federal dispriel all the rights associations -- federal trial and all the rights associated with that, he should be treated as an enemy combatant. >> he should be designated as a potential enemy combatant and we should be allowed to question him for intelligence-gathering purposes to find out about future attacks. >> i think we don't have to cross the line and say he's an enemy combatant, which could be challenged in court. >> it's your turn to weigh n. do you think the suspect, a u.s. citizen, should be treated as an enemy combatant. tweet us and we will read your responses later in the show. the bombing in boston has added a new dimension to the immigration debate. both suspects were russian immigrants, allowed into the u.s. on visas. some are asking for tougher background checks. >> yeah, the boston bombing caused some to question the new immigration bill. chuck grassley of iowa said on friday on capitol hill, that we need to be sure that peop
for conservative? when authoritarian and totalitarian governments take over you know one of the first things they do is collect up the guns. that's what hitler did stalin did. i never understand why you guys are--you guys fight this. you should be supporting this. it's more of a liberal issue. >> we're not fighting it. we're trimming this. if they were going to take my cue on this. it would be a whole lot more drastic than what they're flirting with right now. i thought they were soft peddling this idea. i want this assault weapons guns gone. >> why? >> michael: because they serve no purpose in our society. >> you're wrong. >> michael: you asked a question, let me arena your question. they do not augment the second amendment one bit. the second amendment stands. it's strong. you see people defending it constantly. but when you have all the weaponses bans and you have rapid fire magazines it does nothing for the second amendment. they scare people. they're military-grade weapons and we do not need them. when we say common sense. it's not everything that i want, it's meeting halfway. and you j
for watching the factor tonight. the talking points memo about the government protecting us from terrorism and gun crime will be in the third segment because we have an amazing breaking story tonight out of boston. and we leave the broadcast with the latest. the stunning turn of events. in a press conference held this afternoon, the fbi directly asked the public, you guys, for help in bringing the boston terrorists to justice. the bureau has identified two men. there they are. saying they are suspects in monday's bombing. the men were seen on boylston street just before the explosions. the images are clear. can you see them here. the problem is the authorities don't know who these men are. >> today we are enlisting the public's help to identify the two suspects. after a very detailed analysis of photo, video, and other evidence, we are releasing photos of these two suspects. they are identified as suspect 1 and suspect 2. they appear to be associated. suspect 1 is wearing a dark hat. suspect 2 is wearing a white hat. suspect 2 set down a backpack at the site of the second explosion just in
questions about this guy as well. some foreign government asked us to check him out. we did. didn't find anything wrong. then they dropped the ball on their end too. >>alisyn: we're going to be talking to so many experts this morning and brick all the new developments -- and bringing all the new developments kofplgt up, he is captured, in custody. the 19-year-old suspect has not been read his miranda rights. we'll tell you what that means as our breaking news coverage continues. stay with us. ♪ using supercomputing and mobile technology over our secure network, verizon innovators are building a world of medical treatment data in the cloud. so doctors can make a more informed diagnosis from anywhere, in seconds rather than months. because the world's biggest challenges deserve even bigger solutions. powerful answers. verizon. that work the way you wish they would. like a front-end loader you can detach from your seat? or a mower deck you just drive over and cut through knee-deep grass no problem? yep. we thought the same thing you did. that's why we build them this way. that's how we ru
. the media demand that everybody in the government call it a terrorist act. like ok, i got it, to ben's point, it looks like terrorism i think it is. i would call it whether it was right wing, leftwing, forever et cetera, but stop with obama didn't call it terrorism, i can't believe it, he's soft. what's he soft about. first of all he killed bin laden, stop with the talk. >> i think that comes from the hesitation, i'd be curious to know what that thinking was not to call it terrorism. i feel it's because when you say terrorism in this country everybody just thinks you mean islamic terrorism where obviously clearly it's terrorism, it was terrifying, done it had the exact effect that terrorism does, but we don't think domestic terrorism when you say it in the united states. >> in the white house and trying to figure out your best policy response, it makes sense to be cautious. cenk: yes definitely. >> it could have links to all sorts of other governments that might be friendly, might be our enemies, i don't know. when the guy who got busted in times square with his car bomb was failed, he actua
the attention of the russian government we're told. they interviewed him and federal authorities did. something happened either, they scrubbed him as itself term goes. i don't know whether they conveyed that to local authorities on the scene, but that was the end of it couple years ago. what would the procedure be normally? >> the procedure would be do an evaluation a threat assessment of whether this individual is a potential threat and would be carrying out any kind of violence in the future. there are literally thousands of these interviews done every year. without any real indication, nobody has the resources to put these people under surveillance 24 hours a day. >> neil: you are right about that. >> unfortunately, that is problem here. there may have been an indication he was being radicalized but the truth is there are probably thounds of individuals in that capacity that will never do anything. >> neil: we'll see what happens. former police commissioner howard safir. i told you at the outset potentially from the justice department pending charges against the surviving bomber here, whethe
. it requires that the intention be to coerce the government. it has a whole series of things that make it into terrorism. the lawyers will challenge whether this is federal because they'd rather have it be a state charge, no death penalty in massachusetts, yes, federal death penalty but there has to be federal jurisdiction. >> if they win and he is found guilty in massachusetts under their state law, what will happen? >> life imprisonment in massachusetts. the other thing they could probably charge is conspiracy to murder. we don't know precisely what this man did distinguished from his brother. >> the running theme today seems to be the older brothers with a domineering type who had become immersed in fundamentalist islamic beliefs and may have coerced the younger brother who's 19 and hasn't had any trace of anything before, is that a kind of defense? >> the federal crime requires that he individually intended to coerce the government, intimidate the government. if he says my intent was to please my brother, they could raise of question of federal jurisdiction. they can also charge hi
of the investigation, i think there are different parts and different parts of the government are handling different parts of the investigation. so obviously, the most important and immediate thing are those events and evidence that are near the attack. that are approximate to the attack. that includes the crime scene. that includes the material used in the bomb and the process of reconstructing what that bomb looked like. it is designed, the materials it used. the nature of the timer that was used. then there is a whole separate line of inquiry at surveillance video that might have been taken in the area. you remember yesterday, and pete referred to this at the top of the hour. that the boston police officials asked if anyone had taken pictures of video to please submit it to the authorities. one of the big differences, i was in front of a camera like this more than a decade ago when 9/11 happened. when we didn't have facebook and we didn't have iphones and camera phones. now, at an event like the boston marathon, you'd better believe that everyone is taking a picture. waiting for a loved one to co
of the federal government to respond to the boston attacks. he stopped short of calling it terrorism, saying authorities don't yet have all the answers. >> we still do not know who did this or why. and people shouldn't jump to conclusions before we have all the facts. but make no mistake, we will get to the bottom of this and we will find out who did this and we'll find out why they did this. any response -- any responsible individuals, any responsible groups, will feel the full weight of justice. >> president of the united states earlier today. we are learning of some interesting police activity in revere, massachusetts, just five miles from downtown boston. >> brian todd joins us on the line can you tell us, are police still there on the scene? >> reporter: yes, they are still on the scene. state police are here. possibly other local police and possibly federal officials on the scene. they have been here for several hours investigating, we're told, one apartment here on ocean avenue they did not say what they were looking at or who they are talking to. we asked a short time ago if anyone h
and other government buildings be flown at half staff. tonight he will meet with his cabinet members and the national security team plus other counter-terrorism advisers. >> 1 bomb used in the attack appears to have been placed inside of a metal pressure cooker hidden inside of a backpack. the bombs off of seconds apart near the finish line for hours into the race. hundreds of people gathered there to cheer on the runners. was killed in the explosion. his mother and sister were severely injured. nobody is in custody. investigators asking the public to give them any faldo or video taken at the scene. >> it is our intention to go through every frame of every video that we have to determine exactly who was in the area. we'll go to the ends of the earth to identify the subject or subjects responsible for this despicable crime. we will do everything we can to bring them to justice. the shrapnel found inside the body looked to uniform to be random. indicating a bomb packed with the objects designed to hurt or kill as many people as possible. extremely tight security in boston today. especi
intelligence apparatus of the federal government to continue to monitor anything related to this case to make sure there are no other security threats either in boston washington or other american city and i can tell you, anthony and margaret the security cordon that's been here at the white house still exists so there's still a little bit of sense here at least in washington outside the white house, that things may not be over. >> major garrett at the white house. thanks. >>> well, it is widely believes that the tsarnaev brothers' ethnic heritage may have play add role in their decision to bomb the marathon. their family comes from the republican of chechnya an area in southern russia largely muslim. and in the past two decades, chechen islamists have been seeking independence. they have committed some of the world woes most dangerous terror attacks. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. it is only by association yet tragically russiaen lyally russians are no strangers to tore by chechnyans. they are of chechen origins. at home the father of the two suspect
grateful we had a well-funded, functioning government. it is very fashionable in america has been for some time to criticize government, belittle public employees, talk about what people think is the assessment of health care, here we saw government in two ways perform very well. first of all, the government in charge moved efficiently the and rapidly and bravely. secondly, seamless cooperation that you have shown on the program. you don't know when it's state, when it's federal, when it's the city. the police commissioner on the screen, head of the fbi in boston and the governor and also goes to the recovery. again, i never was as a member of congress one of the cheerleaders for less government, lower taxes. no tax cut would have helped us deal with this or will help us recover. this is very expensive. you have adequately described thousands and thousands of people, questioning people, checking things, providing the medical care. we're not asking people, look, do you have private health insurance or not, can you afford this or not? maybe the government will have to pay for it. and this is
for the public help, senior government officials telling congress that the investigation is wide open. it is on the helm - hill they updated lawmakers. >> we don't know if it was done by foreign or domestic or a individual lone act. lon woefuls and affiliated groups are certainly determined to attack. >> with the analysis by the f.b.i. crime line in virginia ongoing. head of the security committee told fox news new leads are expected soon. >> there are tracers in the gun powder and the pellets themselves and ball bearings can be traced to a manufacturer and the device itself it is the best evidence that we have. >> in addition to still images and video. a source tells fox news that there is a significant social media foot print. more than 30,000 social media messages were connected from 25 hours before to 24 hours after the explosion. messages that seemed out of place and quoded and tweets abou two boston hotels were investigated further. >> an unconventional ware fare. commercial media will communicate. >> in the first public comments. the attorney general offered few details. >> i w
directed the full resources of the federal government to be made available to help state and local authorities in the investigation and to increase security as needed. over the past week, close coordination among federal, state and local officials, sharing information and moving swiftly to track down leads has been critical to this effort. they all worked as they should as a team. we are extremely grateful for that. we owe a tremendous debt of gratitude to all of our professionals. these men and women risk their lives to keep us safe. this week they showed they never know what to expect. our thoughts with those that wounded in pursuit of the suspects. we also send our prayers to the collier family who grieved the loss of their son and brother shawn. he was born to be a police officerd his chief. he was just 26 years old. as his family has said he died bravely in the line of duty doing what he committed his life doing, serving and protecting others. so we're grateful to him. obviously, there are many unanswered questions. among them, why did young men who grew up and studied here as
in watertown. >> i feel it took way too long. he is 19-year-old kid. they had every form of government, national guard, f.b.i., even secret service for a while. i just feel like three days is way too long to take to catch a 19-year-old kid. >> megyn: joining me is a former police detective, mark, we all know the guilty and evil parties here. it is a fair discussion in the wake of something like this, let's look back and analyze how we can improve the system so we can protect more americans next time around. i include in that in the police officer that was killed in the shootout after they did the bombing. your thoughts on that. i tell you, that is what a lot of folks are asking, 19-year-old kid last this long against thousands of police officers, secret service agents, you name it. your thoughts. >> when i look at this, boston police, watertown police, state police, all the surrounding agencies, they started from zero and they had to come up to speed after the bombing. i think in that case they did an incredible job. they were aggressive and professional. they took the fight to the ter
. >>> the bombing suspects are ethnic chechens. now the russian government is interested in a trip that was taken to russia by one of the suspects. charlie d'agata has more. good morning, charlie. >> good morning, anthony. russian investigators are working .united states to try to determine whether there are any direct links with tamerlan tsarnaev and any militant or terrorist groups in the region. a government spokesman we spoke to today said so far that investigation has turned up no ties. we've also been speaking to neighbors over the phone this will dagestan. they said he spent most of his time working on renovating a store front for his father. his father said he never spent any long periods of time away from home. in an interview with russia today his aunt was quoted as sayiwas curious about religion. in another interview his mom said her son was under constant fbi surveillance. during the six months in dagestan, tamerlan would have been exposed to high levels of fighting between insurgents in the area and russian security group. the terror group, the most feared t
are the government cameras, the ones that are up there all the time. you have the television networks that were covering the marathon. one doing complete coverage. >> right at the finish line. >> and then you have all the people with their camcorders taking pictures of their uncle, brother, their son. that's what they are calling for tonight. they are asking for those people to bring those in. i remember solving a couple case that is way when i was with the u.s. attorney's office. all of a sudden somebody had a picture of something and, wow, it proved the case. >> what do we make? whdh also, i believe this is the second becoming that went off, we will put it up on the screen next to where the mailbox is, if you look really, really closely here. they suspect that may very well be the second bomb. now, if that's the case, and again, as you are pointing out, that would be another lead. >> absolutely. now we just -- with law enforcement, and i would not blame them at all if they didn't tell us, would they be less inclined to let the american people know whether or not they have an image of who this
that are connected to a consulate or related to people that are in the saudi government, i think that the united states government has a lot of discretion, and i think that they grease the wheel a lot because the saudis are one of our biggest allies in the middle southeast we want to keep them that way. >> excuse me, on national security grounds, if this is something that's going to happy think this is something the american people need to hear about ahead of. steve, are you sure of this report? how did you find it out tonight? >> i found it out by a senior official in the agency that's conducting the investigation. that's ice, immigration and customs law enforcement. >> that's a big story. >> it is and the question is why is he not being prosecuted as opposed to being deported. >> fox hasn't confirmed it yet but we will be following up and i will call you immediately after the program. coming up, according to reports authorities have uncovered what appears to be the lid of one of the improvised explosive devices that was used in monday's terror attack. it was found on a rooftop. when we come ba
smart about dividing us racially and also sort of saying government can't help. government tries to get involved it often does the wrong thing. that, i think that even haunts us with the guns. >> john: why is it so hard to work the other way? why didn't democrats divide and conquer the same? g.o.p. has three masters, the wall street trickle down guys, the conservative christians and the guys who really like tom clancy books. why is it so hard with christians and the moneylenders to draw a wedge between them? >> i had this question during the last election. when i used the title "what's the matter with white people," one of its means was what's the matter with white people that even conservatives like charles murray, rik santorum are suddenly paying attention to the white working class falling apart and blaming the white working class for its troubles. it is that they're lazy. they're not getting married enough. they're having kids out of wedlock. what charles murray said about black people. i thought that you would see more of the white working class hear this and realize wow, those thi
of the fertilizer plant in west, texas, and he basically pledges the support of the federal government, thanks first responders and promises the people of that small tightly knit community the prayers and the support of the american people. of course, the president now on his way here to boston for an interfaith service that's going to happen at the top of the hour in holy cross cathedral across from where i'm sitting. in the meantime, there is potentially a turning point in this boston marathon case thanks to security video. the fbi wants to talk to two people seen on tape. specifically a man in a baseball cap who was talking on his cell phone. the man was seen dropping a black bag near the finish line of the race and walking away. it was caught on camera by department store lord & taylor's surveillance camera perched outside the store facing the race. nbc's michael isikoff is covering the investigation live in boston for us, and michael, now that they have this video, perhaps a faith, what's next? >> reporter: well, what we're -- what's next is we're likely, we're told we're going to have an fbi b
. julia is boston globe columnist and former homeland security adviser to state and federal governments. the fact that the second suspect was captured and not killed has to be an advantage for the investigators, tom. how important is this potentially they can question this individual and get specific information? >> wolf, i think it's extremely important and as we have seen in some of the previous cases, the fbi has been very successful even after giving the miranda warnings to these subjects to get them to talk about what they've done to get them to cooperate. we have seen this with the attack on the new york subway system and we've seen this with umar farouk abdulmutallab where he was read his rights by the fbi. he talked. he cooperated. he needed medical attention because he burned his legs in attempting to light the device. got the medical treatment. went back after being treated and was reread his rights and proceed to talk for another -- i think the total interviews lasted almost 14 hours the first day and he continued to cooperate after that. often especially in the case of terro
the government has that opportunity. >> reporter: the dramatic events unfolded last night after authorities had lifted a lockdown on watertown, when the man who lives in this house, dave henneberry, was finally able to go outside, he spotted blood on his boat in the back driveway. according to his neighbor -- >> he started to open up the zipper, looked inside and he saw blood. then he looked and his deck has a box, the engine box is up above the deck. and he looked at what he thought was a body right behind the box. >> reporter: fbi and police s.w.a.t. teams stormed the area and began a two-hour standoff, with gunfire exchanged at one point. the helicopter beamed back those images showing the suspect in the boat. >> we have movement. >> reporter: a robot was sent in to rip the tarp off the top of the boat. >> if they're able to successfully rip that off, he'll be fully exposed. >> reporter: tsarnaev had been injured in a gunfight with police the night before and appeared weak and not wearing a suicide vest as had been feared. >> the hostage rescue team did work in trying to negotiate him out of
spoken with leaders and assured them the federal government will do everything in his power to help survivors and the president prom prised th the -- promised they will find those responsible. >> we do not know who did this or y people shouldn't jump to conclusions before we have the facts but we will get to the bottom this and find out who did this and why they did this. any response -- any responsible individuals, any responsible groups will feel the full weight of justice. >> that is just after 6:00 this evening, washington time, boston time. after the president spoke workers at the u.s. capitol lowered the flag there in memory of the innocent people who died today. doug mcelway is live in washington this tuesday morning what is the mood been there in hours after attacks? >> there are three components to it. washington is on alert z it's huge investigative capabilities ramping up. the president put think the way. >> i just want to reiterate we'll find out who did this and hold them accountable. >> in his statement from a briefing room this evening the president did not use the wo
's a lot that the government can't do. like the eavesdropping, listening devices getting into our lives. we covered that story about the irs being able to read our e-mails without even knowing about it. those types of things. it's the terrorists forcing us to move the line. i don't want them to have that power or control. so we count on people -- >> that's a struggle we have in america. we want to remain safe but we still want our personal freedoms and liberties. >> a friend of mine is an american citizen she said per two children in the shopping cart going into the supermarket she got the full search the pocket book search. maybe you have a love letter in there you don't want some stranger opening it up and saying what is this? >> where do the american people go from here? >> we have the best and brightest of america. even outside of america working on this, i expect a resolution in short order. >> with all of that surveillance video. >> thanks to technology. look as we speak they are reconstructing the bomb. they are putting back together. >> you have to think they will find something wit
or a group operating solely here in the united states. that doesn't tell you if it's anti-government and a domestic group and inspired by al qaeda, but as time goes on, a lack of a plan of responsibility from overseas, you do have to look more within the united states. >> in your experience, what should we expect today. this is the second 24 hours that it's less about dealing with enhanced security or concerns about where could something happen next and more about the investigation. how much progress do you expect? >> difficult to say. what they are hoping for is a break on the pictures of the pieces of the bomb that are being assembled here. they will now fan out and try to figure out where everything was bought. it may be several days before they have a good idea of who did this. you may not see anything dramatic today. >> our team, appreciate it. thank you both. >> here next, we have lots to talk about on boston and guns. white house soup of the day, you will be happy with this one. we'll be right back. ♪ ♪ i've got the power people lose 5x more weight following the weight wat
government made an inquiry about the older brother my guess is that it was russia. would that be your guess? to find out whether or not he was a radical? >> i think that is a likely guess but churchins have been found in trift operations all over the middle east in iraq, and afghanistan, throughout the world. that is why the question of how much training they got not just fabrication of the bomb. they engaged in heavy gunfire exchange was the police and maybe these kids just picked it up in the backyard. i don't know. it's possible x but i think there is more of an indication they did have training beyond just bomb making. >> the younger one taken into custody. he came to the united states age nine. he has more roots in the united states so what was it that, if indeed that is the origin of why, the motive from what -- of the killing it's peculiar. why would he feel so connected? >> we don't know whether he was radicalized in this country, which is possible or whether he came because he'd been part of the churchin terrorist movement. there have been child soldiers tluft histry. anyone willin
of the u.s. government here in boston was putting any information out. it's a bit hard to read. but we do know. this earlier today around 1:30 in the afternoon, there was a report that an arrest had been made. it was widely reported. that was not true. but what we can report is that at 1:30, police had zeroed in on an image from a camera or cameras on a person that they thought was dropping off or was carrying a black duffle bag there is no identity given for this person. considered a young man, not a suspect, but it seems like that was something they were zeroing in on trying to figure out. what was in that man's arm and whether or not that could have been a bomb can whatell our audience happens? >> i think we did as well, how did these news services jump to the conclusion. they actually talking to police sources when they are making these calls? you know, police want to find out who is responsible and reporters here looking for information at every turn. gosh the media kind of feeds on one another. and if the associated press has a report, perhaps another outlet picks it up. if the "bos
government agencies to assist. i will tell you at the beginning that this is a crime scene. we are not indicating that it is a crime but we don't know. what that means to us is that until we know it was an industrial accident we will work it as a crime scene. a af -- atf will conduct the main investigation at the fertilizer plant, but the sheriff's department will be investigating any of the deaths that resulted from that explosion that occurred earlier this evening. there will be investigations by the clinton county. i don't have a hard-core number yet. i can tell you and confirm we are still missing several firefighters that were on the scene fighting the fire. the explosion occurred while they were actively trying to put the fire out. there was a law enforcement official on that scene as well that was working with the fire department in some type of capacity. until we know for sure who those individuals are in specific numbers i can tell you they range from 3-5 as far as the number of firefighters that are missing. the casualty numbers i don't have a hard number to give to y
tracks, andrea. the photo track may be among the most promising. the government believes it has identified two people it wants to find, identify, find and interview. that have been seen acting suspiciously, carrying backpacks, duffle bags that are heavy. they think the bomb weighed 20 pounds, so they're interested in talking to them. they may or may not show us pictures of that. there was some back and forth on this the last 24 hours, about the advantages and disadvantages and we were thinking we might hear about it this afternoon. we may not. that is still in flux. as for the devices themselves, the fbi has been doing what they do on the forensic side, getting the pieces, say where did these pieces come from. going around to hobby stores in the boston area to see if some of the batteries and other components for the devices could have been purchased there. or where else they might be sold. i think investigators are leaning toward the idea that the bomts were detonated by some sort of remote device. not a timer. so that is something they're pursuing as well. looking at where the
obviously worked with extreme purpose to make that determination. the entire force of the federal government, the fbi in boston, around the world, as well as our partners in the boston police, atf, massachusetts state police and more than 30 agencies of the boston joint terrorism task force have set about to ensure that all responsible for the bombings will be brought to justice. more importantly, it was done to ensure the future safety of the city of boston, the commonwealth of massachusetts, and the country. indeed through that process the fbi developed a second suspect. today we are enlisting the public's identify to identify he two suspects. we are releasing photos of the suspects. they are identified as suspect one and suspect two. they appear to be associated. suspect one is wearing a dark hat. suspect two is wearing a white hat. suspect two set down a backpack at the site of the second explosion just in front of the forum restaurant. we strongly encourage those who were at the forum restaurant, who not contacted us yet, to do so. as you can see from one of the -- from one of the image
government to help boston recover from yesterday. i ask for your patience and your understanding as we continue to pursue leads, to gather evidence and to get to the bottom of who did this and why. thank you. >> good morning, my name is ed dave i have hadson, police commissioner for the city of boston. we are in the process of securing and processing the most complex crime scene we've dealt with in the history of our department. we are doing that under the direction of the fbi and in partnership with the atf. we secured the perimeter with members of the national guard and the general is here. i'd like to thank the people who are working closely with us. we received offers of assistance from chicago, los angeles, units have responded here from new york city and baltimore, and we are working closely with all of our partners on this complex investigation. i want to stress that the area around the crime scene which was yesterday was 15 blocks has been reduced to about 12 blocks at this point in time, and we will continue to collapse that crime scene as the facts and circumstances make that
to severed limbs and head injuries. president obama pledged full resources of the federal government to figure out what happened and who is responsible. >> obama: people shouldn't jump to conclusions before we have all the of the facts. but make no mistake, we will get to the bottom of this and we will find out who did this, we'll find out why they did this. any -- any responsible individuals, any responsible groups will feel the full weight of justice. >> the fbi immediately took charge of the investigation and started following up on leads. last night they swarmed a 5th floor apartment in rev veer massachusetts, taking out evidence in multiple bags. they are still looking for any photos, audio, or video that people may have from being there at the race. we're back after the break with more news of course, stay with us. drug war you must be high. >> "viewpoint" digs deep into the issues of the day. >> do you think that there is any chance we'll see this president even say the words "carbon tax"? >> with an open mind... >> has the time finally come for real immigrati
and government offices because that's always the response that we need to have and unfortunately, it's going to be a fixed part of our lives i think forevermore. >> there's no question at time like these people are looking and remembering some of the terrible moments in our history, of course people think of 9/11, and that feeling of vulnerability but as you mentioned, tom, it's much too soon to know what the nature of this attack is. >> that's exactly the case. take oklahoma city, for example, which happened in 1995. we knew that that was a well defined terrorist attack, carried out by timothy mcveigh and his accomplices who were determined to bring down the federal government if they possibly could. you have to remember that 168 people were killed in oklahoma city. i was just there last week. i saw the memorial again, it's a very somber but beautiful place and everyone i talked to in oklahoma city said the residual effect of that bombing was it made the city more compassionate. it united people in a way that they could not have anticipated at the time and ironically, oklahoma city was sche
.s. with their family a decade ago. facing the vicious fighting... escaping the vicious fighting between the government and the largely chechen rebel. dzhokhar who became an american citizen on september 11 of last year is 19 years old. he was a student at the university of massachusetts dartmouth. his older brother tamerlan was 26 years old, married to an american woman with a young daughter. he studied engineering at bunker hill community college but dropped out. tamerlan was an accomplished boxer, a new england golden gloves heavyweight champion. >> he was confident in his abilities. he wasn't shy about sharing that. definitely in good shape. >> reporter: julian poll ard roomed with him during a boxing tournament. did you have a sense of him? what kind of guy was him. >> maybe a little arrogant, a little cocky but nothing outloud. his clothing said it more than he did verbally. then the next year he was just a different guy. the way he carried himself was much more humble. he only spoke about his faith. he was big into religion. >> reporter: both brothers were muslims. >> i was shocked. reporter: th
brothers who had this crazy idea, or were they working with anybody, with any government? >> the brother who was killed had an i.e.d. strapped to his chest, and authorities have said that they expect that the last remaining at-large suspect is wearing a suicide vest as well. >> that's why he is still considered armed and very very dangerous. shutting down the entire city of boston to back up here on the "full-court press" on this friday morning. this is "the bill press show." [ music ] (vo) current tv gets the converstion started next. >> i'm a slutty bob hope. >> you are. >> the troops love me. the sweatshirt is nice and all but i could use a golden lasso. (vo) only on current tv. [ music ] >> this is the bill press show. >> chilling indeed to discover as we did during the break, it was 18 years ago today, the oklahoma city bombing and timothy mcveigh blowing up the alfred p. murrow building. 18 years later trying to track down the second suspect in the boston marathon bombing. centered activity on one apartment complex where police believe this man may be holed
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